Dear Claire,


Can you believe it’s almost our 2nd blog birthday? In honor of that, I thought it might be fun for us to look back over the past couple of years and pick our favorite posts. Here are three from you that really inspired me:


First is your St David’s Day post from a couple of weeks ago, because it speaks so perfectly to what we want to do with our blog. It was also a lovely memory of our time at college. I’m hoping you’ll post your recipe for Welsh cakes some time!

Phonebox imageSecondly, I loved It’s Good To Talk, with its message about the
importance of reaching out and connecting with others who may be lonely, and with those who are important to us. One of the main reasons I so enjoy writing the blog with you is that it’s a wonderful way for us to keep in touch.

balloons-for-idohAnd finally, I have to point to Spread a Little Happiness, the post that officially launched
our blog, not least because of your link at the end to Bring Me Sunshine – exactly what we all need right now!

Much love,

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