Today is International Day of Happiness, which means it’s also Staircase 9 17’s 2nd birthday.

We hope you’ll join with us in celebrating this little landmark by doing something nice for yourself or someone else today. If it involves a slice of cake, all the better!

Of course, as we grow older, we all develop and this blog is no exception. So, as we begin our third year of blogging we are making a few changes –

  • We are opening up comments so we can hear from our readers and all share ideas.
  • We’re introducing a new series from April 3rd – Staircase 9 17 Bookshelf. It might be whatever we happen to have checked out of the library, an inspiring business or factual title, the latest novel we’re diving into or even a magazine article or podcast we’ve enjoyed.  We hope it might inspire you to find out more.
  • We’ll be expanding our Friday Food for Thought series where we share encouraging snippets to ponder as the weekend approaches.

Thank you for joining us on our blogging journey and here’s to the next twelve months.

Claire & Sam

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