How are you? Welcome to the first of our new series of shorter posts featuring ideas for making life a little bit better. Today we’re starting with something very simple – drinking more water!



The composition of our bodies is 60% water and we all probably know by now that drinking enough of it is important for our health, but with busy lives it can sometimes be difficult to remember to do so.  As we’re all still at home more than usual, why not make this the time to try to fit in the recommended 6 to 8 glasses each day and see how it makes you feel after a few weeks? From personal experience, it could mean you feel less tired and more alert.  Other benefits of being hydrated can include:

– Improved memory and mood

– Boosted performance during exercise

– Increased energy

– Fewer aches and pains as water helps lubricate your joints

– Less frequent headaches and better digestion

If plain water doesn’t appeal, you can add citrus fruits, cucumber or mint or brew some herbal tea to add to your daily tally of healthy drinks.  Certain fruits can also contribute to your water intake: 1 cup (160g) of watermelon or cantaloupe, one orange, one medium tomato or half a grapefruit are each worth about half a glass of water.


Stay well  – and hydrated – we’ll  see you here again soon.

Claire and Sam


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