How are you? Perhaps, like us, you would enjoy hearing something positive today, so in this post we’re looking at a little reason to be cheerful.

As fashion historian and writer Amber Butchart explains in this interesting article, the pandemic could have an unexpected result:

a future for the fashion world that prioritises care, health and a dramatically reduced carbon footprint”.

This would be good news for all those that work in fashion, as well as for the planet.


Buy the things you need, when you need them

Fashion commentators also say that the clothing industry could also become more sustainable and less driven by trends. It’s possible that retailers will bring back stock in 2021 which they have missed the chance to sell this year, rather than jettisoning those garments and producing something new.  

In the future fashion could become more attuned to the seasons, meaning that clothes will be in the shops when you need to wear them rather than months in advance. In the northern hemisphere, for example, it should be possible to buy a warm sweater or winter coat now, rather than finding the shops full of swimwear and summer dresses.

These factors could mean that we would all get a longer life from the clothes we buy as styles become more classic. And, if we look after and repair those clothes to make them last, it  would also be much better for the environment – definitely a reason to be cheerful.

Stay well and we’ll see you next time,

Claire and Sam

Shirts image with thanks to Thought Clothing.

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