How are you? As it’s February and love is in the air, today we’re going to look at some ways to be kind to the people we care about as well as to ourselves. At least in the northern hemisphere, it can be a dark and gloomy month, so we hope these ideas – which you may notice have a connecting theme of food and nourishment – will offer some cheer, whatever it’s like where you are.

Spoil a friend:

Bake or buy some biscuits and wrap them in a pretty bag as a gift to send to a friend – the perfect excuse for a virtual get-together over coffee. If you are allowed to meet in person where you live, even better! Perhaps you could choose macarons like the beautiful ones below, or you could try our recipe for Welsh cakes from the blog’s archive.


NuRture a plant:

Growing an avocado plant is suprisingly easy. To start, gently wash the stone or pit, insert three or four cocktail sticks around it about halfway down and suspend in a glass jar full of water to the brim, so that the broader bottom half of the pit is immersed. Pop it on a windowsill, change the water every few days, and in about six weeks you should see the first little root appear.

Once an amazing root system has formed, the stem and leaves will begin to grow. Your avocado plant can be potted when the stem is about six inches tall.

Take care of yourself:

We’ve all done a lot of cooking at home during the time that going to a cafĂ© or restaurant has been difficult or impossible. To give your future self a rest, you can prepare healthy meals that you can simply take out of the fridge the next day. Here’s a make-ahead recipe for a delicious breakfast:

Overnight oats with honey, turmeric and ginger

  • In a jar or bowl with a lid combine a portion of oats, a spoonful each of chia seeds and sultanas with turmeric and ginger to taste.
  • Add milk to cover the dry ingredients (coconut or oat milk are especially good) and stir well. Place the lid on the container and leave the mixture in the refriderator overnight.
  • The next morning, stir everything again and add more milk if the mixture is too stiff. Sweeten with honey, transfer to a bowl and serve immediately. A topping of sliced banana and cinnamon can also be added. Enjoy!


Of course, if you feel like taking a real break, that’s fine too. As Oscar Wilde said,

I never put off until tomorrow what I can do the day after.

See you next time, stay safe and well.

Claire and Sam

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