Regular readers of the blog may remember that last year the bee hotel (or should it be called a Bee and Bee?) in Claire’s garden in Wales attracted its first guests. Here are the photos –



This year, we’re pleased to report, it’s been even more popular with, so far, nine of the bamboo ‘rooms’ occupied:


The bees using the hotel are solitary leafcutter bees – you may be able to spot a piece missing from one of the leaves just under the hotel in the image on the left. These female bees use the pieces of leaf to create their nest cells inside the bamboo stems (cutting the leaves doesn’t do any harm to the plants and, in fact, the bees are good pollinators). Inside the cell a single egg is laid and then ‘provisions’ are provided for the young bee when it emerges – a mixture of nectar and pollen. Finally, the cell is sealed with a ‘door’ made from another piece of leaf.

It’s fascinating to watch the bees at work; hopefully the young ones will thrive and there’ll be even more guests next year. Have you spotted any similar nests in your garden?

Until next time, do stay safe and well,


Claire and Sam

P.S. You can read more about how to help the bees in our book – just click the link in the top menu to read about it.

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