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How to get back to sleep when you’ve woken in the night

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In thinking about living life well, most of us would acknowledge that sleep plays an important part. That said, there are times when we all have disturbed nights. Perhaps you find you drop off easily but wake up in the small hours and have trouble getting back to sleep. If that’s the case, we hope some of the techniques below might help.

things to try if you wake in the night

The Benefits of a nap

You may find yourself very tired during the day and needing a nap, but don’t feel guilty about it. Research has found that an afternoon sleep, even as little as 10 minutes, can improve memory as well as restoring energy and concentration.

Bringing to mind soothing images, such as a sleeping cat, can help trigger feelings of relaxation and provide a useful gateway to sleep

Dr Arlene K Unger

In case you’d like to read more from Dr Arlene K Unger, we recommend her book, Sleep – 50 Instant Exercises for a Restful Night

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Until next time, stay safe and sleep well,

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