September always feels like a good time to start a new book and so today we’d like to tell you about a novel we’ve both read recently and really loved, Dear Mrs Bird by A.J. Pearce.

Dear Mrs Bird – UK edition (Left) and US edition (Right)

Set in London in 1941, it’s the story of Emmeline Lake, who comes from a family of Strong Women and is named after the famous British suffragette. She yearns to be an intrepid Lady War Correspondent but, thanks to a misunderstanding at her interview, she gets a job assisting the redoubtable Mrs Bird, who writes the problem page at a women’s magazine which is past its heyday. Tender-hearted Emmeline can’t resist writing to some of the readers whose problems are rejected due to Mrs Bird’s strict set of criteria, and so her adventures begin…

Dear Mrs Bird is very funny, heart-warming and moving. In writing it, A J Pearce researched magazines of the period and so the novel gives a fascinating insight into women’s friendships and their lives on the Home Front during World War II. Their courage, optimism and stoicism shine through and Emmeline is a delightful character to spend time getting to know.

The second instalment of Emmeline’s adventures, Yours Cheerfully, is available now.

Magazine 1941 for Dear Mrs Bird Review
A British magazine from 1941, when Dear Mrs Bird is set

Have you read Dear Mrs Bird? Are there any characters in fiction that you find uplifting and enjoyable company? We’d love to know – please tell us in the comments below.

Happy reading,

Claire and Sam

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