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Five easy ways to brighten up February



What is your favourite colour? This month is often associated with red – roses, ribbons, hearts and the other symbols of St Valentine’s Day. Traditionally, though, purple is February’s colour; the flower of the month is the violet and the birthstone the amethyst, said to signify peace and serenity and provide courage when needed. All of which are welcome attributes in 2022! 

It certainly feels like a good month to think about adding some colour and cheer to what can be a rather dull time of year. So, today we have suggestions for five easy ways to brighten up February.


Five ways to brighten up February

The few loving words had done her good, and the flowers had cheered her up by their beauty.

Little Women, Lousia May Alcott

We hope you enjoy trying some of these ideas and that you might find them cheering, too.  Have a safe and enjoyable time until we see you next,


Claire and Sam

P.S. There are some more ideas for ways to brighten your day here


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