The events in Ukraine since February 24th are shocking and terribly sad. Many of us have been trying to find ways to help so today we wanted to share links to some international organisations which are supporting the people of Ukraine.

Help for Ukraine

UNICEF, the UN’s children’s charity

The UNHCR refugee agency

Save the Children


So much bad news has an impact on us all and it can help to add some positive journalism to your media diet.  Positive News, Reasons to be cheerful and The Happy Broadcast all focus on good news.

Positive News

Reasons to be cheerful

The Happy Broadcast


Sunflowers help for Ukraine


The sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine and traditionally it can symbolise the bond between people as well as positivity and strength. It gets its name from its habit of following the sun, and we hope we can all look forward to some light in the days to come.

Thank you,

Claire and Sam

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