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Menu ideas for a spring picnic

menu ideas for a spring picnic



Rediscovering the fun of having a picnic has been a welcome bonus of the last few difficult years when we’ve all had to spend more time outside. Even as things return to normal, there is a lot of pleasure to be had in taking an alfresco lunch to a beautiful spot, so today we’d like to suggest some menu ideas for a spring picnic.

spring picnic menu ideas

Ideally, a picnic will include food that’s easy to eat without a lot of utensils, things that won’t spoil if the weather is warm, and offer a good mix of options so you have choices for everyone.  Add in a bottle of something refreshing to drink or pick up some hot drinks if the day is cool.

Perhaps a friendly robin will join you. Photo by Pixabay on

Here are some suggestions:

Salad boxes with egg, cheese, coleslaw, falafel, olives, pasta – take the dressing in a small bottle

Individual quiches or pastry-free versions made in paper muffin cases

Spanish tortilla or cold omlette with spinach and peas

Hummus and crudités. For a change, why not try our chestnut hummus recipe here

Wraps, pittas and flatbreads go well with dips and are easy to transport

Whole picnic loaves or smaller rolls, where the centre is scooped out and filled are an impressive option. We’ve found a delicious-sounding recipe here, using roasted vegetables

Don’t forget crisps, crackers, nuts or other savoury snacks

To finish, fruit such as mixed strawberries and grapes, individual fruit salads or simply apples and pears are good choices that will survive the journey. Other sweet options that travel well are flapjacks, rocky road, rice crispie squares or small cakes, brownies or blondies

‘…And we must all bring Provisions.’ ‘Bring what?’ ‘Things to eat.’ ‘Oh!’ said Pooh happily,  ‘I thought you said Provisions. I’ll go and tell them.’

Winnie the Pooh

With the food organised, just add some good company and spring sunshine and you have the recipe for a picnic to remember.

Until next time, stay safe and well,

Claire and Sam



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