Today we’re celebrating our blog’s sixth birthday, and we’d like to share a virtual slice of birthday cake with you, from those who have been with us from the beginning to new friends of the blog. Thank you all for joining us here, we really appreciate your support.

Happiness, enjoy the little things


Those who have read the blog for a while will know that we chose today, International Day of Happiness, as our blog’s birthday because it’s a day that celebrates being mindful, grateful and kind. In the difficult times we’re living through, happiness can sometimes feel like an elusive thing, but as it says on the International Day of Happiness website, when faced with big and worrying issues,

We can’t always change what is happening, but we can change how we respond.  We can do more to create a happier and kinder world when we connect with others and unite together.”

For us, our blog is all about connection. It’s the reason we began blogging in the first place, and the happiness that comes from the continued connection with each other and with all of our readers is why we carry on.

Action for happiness

Have you come across Action for Happiness? They are a movement of people working together to create a kinder and happier world and each month they produce a calendar with a small action that you can carry out each day. Below is the calendar for Mindful March, which is full of ideas for little things to do to pause, reflect and feel better.  Do let us know in the comments below if you give any of them a try or if you have any other ideas for taking a mindful moment.


Action for Happiness Calendar

Thanks again for reading and we look forward to sharing another year of blogging with you all.

Stay safe and we’ll see you again soon,

Claire and Sam

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