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Fun ways to improve if you’re learning a language

Fun ways to learn a language


Finding a hobby you love can be a real happiness boost and an enjoyable part of living life well.  For many of us, learning a language offers a fun and fulfilling hobby that you can start at any age. Whatever your motivation, be it a family connection, simply interest in a particular country or a desire to keep your brain active, there are lots of entertaining ways to improve that don’t involve poring over verb tables or vocabularly lists.

Fun ways to improve if you’re learning a language

suggestions from our friends

We’ve turned to some of our friends to ask for their ideas, too. Wyn, who is learning Italian, suggests thinking about your other interests, as you’re more likely to retain vocabulary if you read and find out about things you enjoy, perhaps food, wine or art. He also finds podcasts a great way to learn, with a good selection available on streaming services like Spotify or Apple podcasts.

For our friend Louise, who’s learning French, attending events with other learners or even going away on study holidays are good ways to spend some more intensive time practising the language, while meeting new people and finding out more about the country’s culture.

If you’re a language enthusiast, what are your top tips? Do let us know in the comments.

Until next time, au revoir!

Claire and Sam


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