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Spreading the news: an easy happiness habit

A white dandelion head on a black background, with some of the seeds blowing away to the left. This is to represent spreading good news to create an easy happiness habit.



Today we wanted to share an easy, everyday happiness habit with you. It’s one we practise ourselves, and it’s quick and cheap!

forming a happiness habit

This happiness habit simply involves passing on any good news you come across. As we’re all bombarded with worrying headlines every day, it can be easy to lose sight of good things that are happening. If you share items of positive news, it doesn’t detract from keeping up with the main stories of the day and can be an effective way to balance the bad news with the good, as well as letting others enjoy the benefit, and maintaining your connection with friends and family, too.


Places to look for cheering stories

Here are some of our favourite sources of news to share:

Postive News magazine

Reasons to be cheerful

The Happy Newspaper

The Simple Things magazine

The Happy Broadcast

Do you make a habit of passing on good news stories to others? If you do, is there anywhere in particular you look for postive news? Do you have another happiness habit to share? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.


Claire and Sam

p.s. Long-term readers may remember us talking about spreading good news in a previous post,  here


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