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A blog about small steps to living life well. 

Welcome to our blog, where we hope to help spread a little kindness and happiness in our communities and help each other to live life to the full.


Why Staircase 9 17? Simply because when we were at Pembroke College, Oxford, where we first became friends, one of us lived on Staircase 9 and the other on Staircase 17. Many an evening was spent crossing the quad to each other’s staircases, to share ideas with one another and other friends too.  More often then the conversation was about how we might approach the latest essay assignment, or how we could find time between the next day’s seminar at the English faculty and our tutorial back at Pembroke to stop for some cinnamon toast in the covered market. But sometimes we wondered too how our lives would turn out, and how in our own small ways we might make a difference in the world. And here we are again, in very different places, in a very different world, sharing ideas and wondering some of the same things still.

In the summers we wrote letters to each other, and our posts are in letter form now in recollection of all those happy times.

If you want to start as we did, with our first post, A beginning, just click here.

You’ll find links to our other recent posts below.

We hope you enjoy reading them, and maybe even trying out one or two of the ideas.

Claire & Sam

Claire and Sam in Wells, Somerset, where the idea for the blog began.
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