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An ideal gift for friends, family or just for yourself.

A Book to encourage and inspire

Filled with original and sometimes quirky photographs and illustrations by Cristina Enrich, Little ideas for living life well brings you tips, recipes, uplifting quotations and practical advice for leading a more enjoyable life, every month of the year.

Read about enjoying a burst of citrus in January and roasting chestnuts in December; about helping others through little acts of kindness in March and enriching your mind in September; about planting herbs and celebrating friends in the spring and taking to the trails in the summer.

The slim format makes the book easy to send by post. Why not add a mug with some tea, coffee or chocolate for a perfect gift package?

If you have any questions about the book, please let us know in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Happy reading,

Sam, Claire and Cristina

Take a look at January…

Our readers say

“Charming and calming, full of excellent ideas”

“Inspiration for anyone who wants to live a more positive life”

“Beautifully illustrated”

“Engaging and uplifting”

“A complete bravo for this lovely book. It has shown me lots of new ways in which I can ‘live life well’ “

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